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Angelite Tumbled Stone

Angelite Tumbled Stone

Angelite raises consciousness and facilitates contact with angels and spirit guides. It enhances psychic ability, healing, telepathic skills, astral travel and spiritual journeys. It helps you to speak your truth and promotes communication and self expression.  It helps to dispel fear, anger & anxiety, converting those emotions into faith and tranquility.  It promotes compassion, transmutes pain and disorder into wholeness and healing.  Supports the throat, thyroid and parathyroids, heart function and lungs. (Do NOT immerse angelite into water at any time or it will become gypsum - angelite is actually gypsum that has lost all hydration.  If hydrated, it could show traces of the white calcium mineral)
*Gemstones and crystals work on a supportive energetic level but are not a replacement for proper medical attention
  • Details

    Large size stone, intuitively chosen, cleansed and blessed for each individual order.
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