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Aqua Obsidian Stone

Aqua Obsidian Stone

This beautiful stone is created by fusing quarts (a natural mineral) with obsidian (a natural stone created by cooling lava) which is then melted and given a beautiful aqua color. Through this alchemical process, a beautiful and powerful stone is created, containing the properties of both quartz AND obsidian. through this merging you will find the strength and protection of obsidian while gaining clarity of your emotions during stressful situations. Blue obsidian also helps with astral travel, divination and enhances telepathy. It activates the throat chakra and supports communication skills. In healing, blue obsidian opens the aura to receive healing energy. It can help with speech defects, eye disorders, Alzeimer's disease, and many mental conditions. If the stone is placed on a spot it can ease pain.
*Gemstones and crystals work on a supportive energetic level but are not a replacement for proper medical care
  • Details

    Each stone is 1"+ and is intuitively chosen, cleansed and blessed for each individual order.
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