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Fertility/Expectant Mom Bracelets

Fertility/Expectant Mom Bracelets

The combination of gemstones in these beautiful Fertility/Pregancy bracelets carry energetic properties believed to strongly increase fertility and support pregnancy and the birthing process.  Jade assists with fertility and  birth.  Moonstone, also known as the “woman’s healing stone”, heals and balances female hormones and cycles and is a tremendous support for ease during birth.  Rose Quartz is known to powerfully increase fertility and provides a calming and soothing energy during pregnancy.  Unakite, wonderful for harmonizing and balancing the reproductive system, is also a great aid for a healthy pregnancy.  Fresh water pearl also aids fertility and supports ease during pregnancy and childbirth.  Each bracelet contains a combination of these stones (one with jade, one without) as well as silver plated crystal spacers.   Perfect gift for newly expectant mom’s.

*crystals and gemstones can be energetically complimentary in many wonderful ways, but are never a replacement for regular medical care or consultations.
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