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Herbal Dream Pillows

Herbal Dream Pillows

Information can come through dreams.  Dreams can also be directly healing. In the dream state, one may receive direct healing or guidance from our Ancestors, Spirit Guides or other unknown forces. Different plants are used to activate and influence dream states. Plants can also be used to help activate healing dreams.   Some plants are good for relieving nightmares, working through grief, releasing trauma, or helping to bring healing, restorative and peaceful sleep, love, inspiration, creativity, lucid dreaming and prophetic/psychic dreams.  Each dream pouch is filled with herbs, essential oil and gemstone ships that correspond with a certain intention.  Remove the herbs from the protective baggie inside the linen pouch and pour them directly into the pouch.  Tie and then place under pillow or on night table close to where you are sleeping to receive the influence of the dream pillow. 
  • Details

    linen pouch, herbs, essential oils, gemstone chips, hanging charm. Each dream pillow is 5 x 7"
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