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High John the Conqueror Oil plus one High John the Conqueror root

High John the Conqueror Oil plus one High John the Conqueror root


Ipomoea jalapa, the root of which is referred to as High John the Conqueror, is, in many traditions, thought to be a powerful talisman for luck, success, power, courage, protection and success in court. It is also said to relieve depression and protect one from spells and hexes. Carry the root with you for these purposes or use this oil to bless and anoint candles, crystals and sachets. Anoint a green candle for success, luck and money, pink for love and devotion, purple for removing obstacles and added protection. Dab on body to draw luck, love, or gain confidence. Excellent for court cases, legal paperwork, important business dealings.
This ritually prepared High John oil is created with almond oil and crushed High John root left to macerate in the sun, and turned daily in order to become fully infused. Essential oils of lavender, juniper and violet are added as a compliment. A piece of High John root is inside of each bottle.  You will receive one .5 oz bottleof High John oil and 1 piece of High John the Conqueror root along with a prayer card.

*This oil is sold as a curio only, and we cannot be responsible for each individual's results. Please test for sensitivity first before applying to skin.  Not to be used directly on skin by pregnant or nursing women.

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