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Orgonite Pendants

Orgonite Pendants

Based on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the term “orgone” was first used to identify the life force energy that exists all around us.  Through Dr. Reich’s research it is believed that through layering organic and inorganic matter, the life force energy would be magnified.  An orgone device is believed to collect negative energy,  transmute it into positive energy and amplify that energy throughout the surrounding area.  It is believed to purify air and water, calm fear, stress, anxiety, help the nervous system, help with pain, increase energy and basically cleanse the surrounding atmosphere.   It is also believed to act as a barrier and protection against electromagnetic  pollution.  Each beautiful  orgonite pendant is a work of art and contains a copper coil and gemstone chips.   Pendants are   1.5”  x  .75” in size.

Some benefits believed to be derived from orgonite devices:
1. Purifies air and water, give good impact to environment;
2. Protect from EMF and other harmful radiation;
3. Harmonizers physical and emotional state;
4. Take off stress, fear and anxiety;
5. Heals nervous system and whole body;
6. Improves blood structure to healthy state;
7. Removes physical pain and tension;
8. Improves dreams more vivid;
9. Helps plants grow bigger and give more fruit;
10. Increases creativity and energy senses.
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