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Private Mediumship Gallery

Psychic/Mediums Ann Marie Sheerin and Lee Ann LaRocca will come to your location to conduct a demonstration of mediumship.   Each gallery event will last for approximately 2 hours beginning with a brief talk and meditation.  The majority of the time will be spent giving audience readings, and there will be a brief period after the demonstration for any questions.  For home events, we do suggest a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 15-20 people, if they can be accomodated comfortably.  The duration and cost of a home event is the same regardless of how many people are in attendance.  We do offer small group readings with a maximum of 6 people for those who prefer a more private setting but still want a group experience.  **PLEASE note that the small group reading will take place at our location in Pequannock, NJ only (we do not travel for that) and will be shorter in duration than the standard gallery event.**  The fee for a small group reading is $450 and is 75 minutes in duration.  The fee for a home gallery event is $700 with additional travel fees for longer distances.  For larger venues, please contact us for details and fees. If you are considering hosting a mediumship gallery, please read the tips below on hosting thoroughly.  This will ensure you  have the best possible experience.



**Please note that a group demonstration of mediumship is just that, a demonstration.  It cannot be guaranteed that everyone in a group setting will receive a private message, especially if it is a larger group.  However, the intention is that everyone benefits by being witness to the proof that life continues along with the relationships with our loved ones who have passed on. **




Hosting a Mediumship Demonstration



There is no maximum limit to the amount of people that may attend a home gallery, as long as you have enough space and your guests are comfortable for the duration of the event.  We spend a set amount of time for the readings regardless of the amount of people.  Naturally, the less people in attendance, the better chance for most of the group to receive messages.  In larger groups, you still benefit from the healing experience of hearing others’ messages, so it is just a matter preference.



Guidelines for Having a Successful Mediumship Demonstration


A gallery for the demonstration of mediumship should be a wonderful experience, but the type of event you will have depends on the preparation that goes into it.  A gathering to communicate with the spirit world requires a cooperative effort between spirit, the mediums and all people in attendance.  Each one of us contributes our own personal energy to the combined energy pool that directs the flow of the event.  Whether you will be hosting a gallery or attending one, these guidelines can help you achieve the best possible experience.

Plan your space well

If you are hosting, be sure to have adequate room to accommodate your guests  comfortably.  If it's too crowded, too hot or cold, people become uncomfortable and that affects the general energy in the room.  It is also important to try to keep ambient noise to a minimum.  If there are others at home who are not in attendance of the gallery, please remind them to be considerate of noise levels while the demonstration is taking place.  Take care of any needs before the demonstration begins, such as using the restroom or getting a drink.  Should you have to leave the room once the gallery has begun, please do so quietly, being mindful of the demonstration taking place.  It helps to have a relaxed atmosphere, so lighting should be soft if possible (lamps instead of harsh overhead lights helps).

Eat, drink and be merry........

Of course!  But please wait until the gallery is over.  It's great to have refreshments available for guests if you are hosting a gallery demonstration, however, please refrain from eating or drinking alcohol DURING the demonstration.  Even though spirit appreciates a light hearted atmosphere, it is disrespectful to be munching away, getting up for food or drink while the communications are taking place, not to mention the distraction to the mediums.  Having alcohol available before the demonstration isn't necessarily a problem, unless someone becomes impaired by that.  Remember, the energy of each one of us affects the event as a whole.  If someone's energy is compromised by too much drink, it becomes lower in vibration and that detracts from the higher energy we want to maintain to bring the best communications.  After spirit has left the building, party away!

Tell Uncle Joe he need not go

If you've had a positive experience at a gallery event or in a private mediumship sitting, it's understandable to want friends or relatives to enjoy that experience as well.  Sometimes we may become insistent that they attend so they can "see for themselves.”   Healthy skepticism with an open mind is a good thing, but there are some people who are not ready to embrace or accept spirit communication and that should be respected.   By urging someone like this to attend a gallery it can change the dynamics of the event for everyone.  Being in attendance for the purpose of "testing" the mediums or proving that spirit communication is not possible, can result in disruption of the energy flow.  This can affect the experience for everyone involved.  Unfortunately, we have seen several instances where one person in attendance with that specific agenda can hamper the results of the whole demonstration even if they never utter a word.  Remember, it's all about the energy!  If someone is not ready or interested in spirit communication, let's respect that and not force it.  Allow others make the decision to explore this if and when they are ready.

Be open and relax!

Many times we will be questioned as to why it seems the same people or those on one particular side of the room receive multiple messages while others are not receiving any.  Be assured, when you are in attendance for a spirit demonstration, your friends and loved ones in spirit show up!  The mediums do their best to provide messages for as many people as possible within the allotted time frame, but remember too, it's all about the energy.  People who are relaxed and open to whoever comes through, tend to receive the most messages.  The mediums will naturally tune into the strongest energy threads available.  You can help to provide a strong and clear thread of energy by simply relaxing and being open to whoever wants to communicate with you.  The energy of spirit is open, fluid and expansive.  It is of a much higher vibration than the dense physical dimension.  We must all try to elevate our own energy to meet them in the middle so to speak.  When we are closed off, anxious, fearful, or even desperate to hear from one person in particular, this constricts the energy and it can be more challenging (though not impossible) to bring a message to you.  When we are relaxed and open to whoever wants to come through, the energy expands and it is easier to come to you with a message.  Be assured, spirit will NOT speak of anything that should not be brought up in a public arena, they will not embarrass you or cause you to be afraid.  So relax, enjoy and you should have a very positive experience!


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