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Intuitive Guidance


Keeping in mind that you are the navigator of your life and create your destiny through your choices, an intuitive reading provides insight and deeper understanding to help you on your path.  This is not fortune telling but rather intuitively guided support to help you understand life situations and move forward with positivity and growth.




Mediumship Sittings


Connect you with your friends, loved ones and animal companions who have crossed over into spirit. 


Session lasts approximately 45 minutes.




Private Mediumship Gallery


You may book a private mediumship gallery at our location in Pequannock, NJ (small group) or you may schedule an event at your preferred location.    Mediums Ann Marie Sheerin and Lee Ann LaRocca will conduct the event.   Each gallery sitting will last for 2 hours beginning with a brief talk and meditation, the majority of the time being spent giving audience readings, and a brief period afterward set aside for questions.  The duration and cost of the event is the same regardless of how many participants attend, so there is no maxiumum limit to how many attendees you may have.  However, we do suggest you have at least 10 participants to make for a successful and enjoyable gallery.   The fee for the gallery is $700 with possible additional travel fees for longer distances.  If you are considering hosting a mediumship gallery, please click on "Hosting a Mediumship Gallery Guidelines" at the top of the page under "more".  This will provide all the information you need to have a successful gallery experience.  For smaller, more intimate group readings of up to 6 people, please see the page on hosting as well.




Energy Healing Sessions


Reiki –  Reiki healing provides a gentle, yet powerful energy that promotes healing and balance on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  It can relieve stress, anxiety, and expedite the healing process after illness, surgery or injury.  Reiki energy brings balance and harmony to the physical and spiritual bodies and can benefit anyone.




Chakra Clearing and Balancing


The seven major chakras act as a powerline to your body’s intake of life source energy.   They regulate the flow of energy that moves throughout the meridians in the body.  Chakras can be come blocked, misaligned or even closed due to stress, emotional or physical problems.  When one or more chakras become compromised, the others cannot function properly, resulting in physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance.  It is integral to keep the chakras open and functioning optimally.  In this session, each chakra will be checked, cleared, balanced and energized using a variety of modalities, including sound.  The auric field will be checked for debris, tears, leaks, etheric cords and will be cleared, balanced and energized accordingly.  This type of session is an overall healthy energy cleansing and tune-up.




Chakra Balancing with the Crystal Singing Bowls


During this session you will be gently guided through a cleansing meditation as the quartz crystal singing bowls are played, each corresponding to a specific chakra.  The music of the bowls provide clearing and balance.




Specialized Energy Healing Sessions


These sessions can consist of several healing modalities depending upon conditions present and what is intuitively assessed.  A variety of energetic applications may be used including sound/light therapy, frequency application and emotional release therapy to clear away trauma and negative emotions that have lodged in the physical or energy bodies.




Animal Healing Sessions


Energy healing for your animal companion using many of the same energetic applications used for humans.  Our animal companions can become energetically imbalanced just like us and can benefit greatly from the same cleansing, balancing and applied energies that we do.  Very often, in their selflessness, our animal companions take on the emotional burdens or physical issues of their human family and become affected by this.  In these cases, a healing session can be very beneficial to cleanse and restore balance.   A simple Reiki session can soothe, calm, alleviate stress, support the immune system, provide pain relief and even help with some behavioral issues by promoting a sense of well being.




Animal Communication


Our animal companions have as diverse personalities as humans do and they have just as much to say.  They want to let us know what they are thinking and want to share their journey with us more fully.  Communication sessions can be done in person, but the preferred method is by phone through photograph.  This is more comfortable for your animal companion, there is less distraction and thus easier communication.




Home and Business Clearing


The energetic cleanliness of a home or space is even more important than it's physical cleanliness.   The locations where we spend the most time, our homes, our places of business; affect us on several levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  There are various reasons why a space can become compromised and negatively influenced and it is not limited to what most people would consider a "haunting".  For every person who has ever occupied a location, and every incident that has taken place in that location; an etheric imprint is left behind.  These imprints can be neutral, in which case there is little or no influence.  If they are positive in nature, they can actually enhance a location in a positive manner.  If, however, they are of a negative nature, they can cause unrest, poor function, "bad luck" and even emotional and/or physical illness.  Sometimes these imprints are residual hauntings or active hauntings (where a spirit is consciously residing in a location)  Other times, locations can be affected by what is known as geopathic stress.   These influences can also greatly effect the success or failure of businesses.  Have you ever noticed that some businesses have a high rate of turnover, or that other businesses always fail in a particular location no matter what type of venture opens there?  Very often this is due to the unseen energetic influences at that location.  The good news is that these imprints and effects can be cleared.   If you suspect something may not be quite right in your location, you may benefit from a space clearing.  Call for a consultation.


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