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Yellow Obsidian Stones

Yellow Obsidian Stones

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass.  The vibrant colors such as yellow, aqua, green, etc are man made.  Yellow relates to the solar plexus. The metaphysical properties of yellow obsidian glass are:
.Helpful for lethargic animals
.Helpful for the protection of children, particularly sensitive children who are bullied
.Helps with finance & prosperity
.Helps with improvement of self-esteem
. A home will be invigorated by yellow obsidian. It is an
uplifting stone. It will help to improve moral and you will be
more invigorated by its use and therefore more motivated toward
your work.
.Yellow obsidian helps one to feel more grounded in or out of a
love relationship
.It is protective against bullying and negativity.
.It is good for general psychic protection and to prevent you from absorbing another's negativity. It is an energizing stone.
(gemstones and crystals work on a supportive energetic level but are not a replacement for proper medical care)
  • Details

    Each stone is approximately 1" (or larger) and is intuitively chosen, cleansed and blessed for each individual order.
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